“Do you have Genesis, Exodus and other Old Testament books in Kannada Braille?”, enquired Thimae Gowda on the phone. ThimaeGowda is one of the many visually challenged people who receive Braille Bibles from the Bible Society of India. “ Yes, we do have Genesis and a few other Old Testament books in Kannada Braille”, we replied. Thimae Gowda was immediately overwhelmed with joy. We could easily feel his excitement in his voice over the availability of the books of the Bible he has been wanting to read. “I will come and get it from the BSI office when I come to Bangalore”, he said. Thimae Gowda came to our office yesterday from his native place Tumkur and received the 5 books he wanted in Kannada Braille.

The Braille Bible is quite voluminous. In fact, it is 43 volumes in all. And so, visually challenged people receive the Bible as books. We are really happy to serve the visually challenged. Most of them who contact us are eager to read God’s Word. We are touched by their love for the Bible”, says Immanuel, a staff of the Media and Special audience Department. The Braille Bible is quite expensive too and not many can afford to buy the Braille Bible. The Bible Society of India makes available free Braille Bibles for the visually challenged in many Indian languages.

Many visually challenged people are benefitted by the distribution of Braille Bibles in many Indian languages. The Braille Bibles are also posted to those who are unable to come to the office. Santhalingam, a resident of Chennai recently received I & II Samuel and I & II Kings in Tamil Braille from the BSI office by post. “ I am thankful to BSI for helping me with the Braille Bible”, said Santhalingam when he called us after receiving the Braille Bibles. Some even make requests for Braille Bibles on behalf of someone whom they know and we send them the Braille Bible in the language of their choice” says Immanuel. Loganathan, who completed his study from the Blind School in Poonamallee contacted the Bible Society through his friend in Bangalore. Loganathan was able to receive Braille Bible books that he wanted to read.

Lemu, a visually challenged student at the United Theological College, Bangalore requested the Bible Society for the Braille Bible. He finds the Braille Bible very helpful for his studies. He now regularly contacts the Bible Society for the various books of the Bible in Braille. We are very extremely happy at Lemu’s eagerness to make the Bible available in Braille in many of North Eastern languages spoken in Churachandpur.

The BSI is committed to serving the visually challenged. We see this as an opportunity and privilege. If you know of any visually challenged person who is in need of Braille Bibles please contact the Media and Special Audience Department at bsisa@biblesociety.in.




The BSI NWI Auxiliary successfully conducted the Garden Fete. This is an annual feature that brings together different churches for the Bible cause and is an important event for the Christian community in Delhi.

The Fete is a time of fun- food- and fellowship. As usual, this year’s Fete was well attended. We thank the women of the NSW Auxiliary who played a significant role in the Fete. Interestingly, we had the active participation of second and third generation Bible Society supporters. It was such a joy to see everyone contribute generously towards the Bible cause.

We thank God for His grace and pray for God’s blessings on those who support the Bible Cause.


We had a great time reading the Bible together in a new and creative way using arts and media at the Bible Funshop at Bible House Ranchi. We had about 130 people. Surprisingly, even adults wanted to be a part of the Funshop.

Happy to be at the service of the Bible cause and encouraging children and young people (and the elderly) people to read and engage with the Bible!

We hope that children will

Read the Bible
Listen to the Bible
Learn from the Bible
Live out the Bible
And share it’s Light to people!


Our Vision

The Vision of the Bible Society of India is to ensure that the Bible is made available to all in a language that they can understand, in a format, they have access to and at a price, they can afford.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Bible Society of India is to engage in Translation, Production, Marketing and Scripture Engagement with the sole aim of the transformation of the World through the Word.


THE BIBLE SOCIETY OF INDIA serves all Indian Churches and Christians in translating, publishing the Bible in their own languages and distributing it among their constituencies aiming at the transformation of the WORLD through the WORD. The Bible Society of India makes available God’s Word In a language people can read( an Understand) at a price they can afford, In a format, they can access so that people will
Own it
Value it
Study it
Live by it

The Bible Society of India is the largest and one of the oldest of the 149 National Bible Societies in the fellowship of the United Bible Societies.


The BSI makes available the necessary scripture materials for its worship, nurture, fellowship, and outreach.

Your active participation makes it possible to provide God’s Word to those who do not yet have it. You can:

1. Pray regularly for the work of the BSI
2. Distribute Bibles to others
3. Support this mission through your prayer, involvement and financial contributions

4. Observe the Bible Sunday in your Church’s worship service reminding your congregation the role of God’s word in their lives and the work of the Bible Society of India.


he BSI takes the Bible closer to the people. We thank God for several opportunities to share His Word to His people!

Rev. Soma Bhatkar, Secretary, Ranchi Auxiliary had the privilege to share God’s word in NWGEL WOMEN’s CONFERENCE held at Lohardaga from 28th _ 30th October 2018.

It was a unique opportunity to share the Word to about 3500 women who attended this meeting. Pray that we would be blessed with many more opportunities to plant His Word in the hearts of people!.

The work of the Bible Society of India is supported and upheld in prayer by people who love the Bible.

Recently, women of the Shillong Auxiliary organized prayers for the Bible Society of India. The numbers were overwhelming that the venue was so full. The women, then, gathered outside the building and had prayers in open space for the BSI.

Thank you for all the prayers, support and encouragement.


The BSI Allahabad Auxiliary conducted a special meeting for Senior citizens. This first-time ever initiative had a good response. The event was filled with laughter, sharing of life and memories and prayer for the Bible cause.

“So even to old age and grey hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.” Psalms 71:18 (ESV) Senior citizens are mostly neglected if not forgotten. The BSI Allahabad Auxiliary conducted a special meeting for Senior citizens. This first-time ever initiative had a good response. About 100 senior citizens attended the program and were blessed. Rev. Chittaranjan Polson, Secretary, BSI Allahabad Auxiliary shared about how Apostle Paul viewed the sunset years of his life and encouraged the senior citizens to find strength, hope, and comfort in God’s Word. Mrs. Shirley who attended the program wrote saying, “ Thank God for the lovely get together with people of my age. I pray for courage to pass the rest of life in the presence of God”.

The event was filled with laughter, sharing of life and memories and prayer for the Bible cause. This was a unique program and many participants wanted to have another get-together again. Most of the participants were members of the Bible Society. Mrs. Aruna Swarup, another participant at the event
said: I am proud to be a member of the Bible Society. I am blessed and I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the Bible Society Movement”. We pray that God would help us bless people with innovative programs to reach out to those who love the Bible and the cause of the Bible!


Delighted in doing recordings for the Lambani Audio Bible. The Lambani Bible is the first-time Translation and makes available God’s Word to the gypsy people living across India in their own language.

The Lambani Bible ( New Testament) was translated by Mr. Solomon, Gypsy Mission. Mr. Solomon had a great burden to translate the Bible for His people. The Translation began in 2011 and was completed in 2018. The first 3000 copies of the Lambani Bible were released just last month amidst great rejoicing.

The Lambani people were overwhelmed with joy after listening to the Word of God in their own language for the very first time. The audio for the Lambani audio Bible is being recorded in the BSI Media Department. Soon, the Lambani people will hear God’s Word and the audio Bible will serve the needs of those who would not be able to read the Lambani Bible in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi Script.

Whisper a prayer for the Lambani Audio Bible. Doesn’t faith come by listening and listening by means of God’s Word?.